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These murals are sculpted in relief in a sculpture clay, stained and fired, then installed by professionals. This is a bigger project and usually requires a 4 week period from start to finish. The final product is unique and long lasting. I recommend this type of mural for entrances for their dramatic effect. A four week project will cover a 15 foot wall.



These murals are painted inside or outside with a high grade acrylic paint that is 100% light fast. The wall can be cement block, plywood or cement or a regular gyproc wall. The surface of the wall must be clean and primed ahead of time.These murals are typically nice in hallways , even on gym walls or libraries. This is typically a week long project for a 12 foot wall.



These murals involve creating work and with photoshop assembling the work to create one big work. This work is very contemporary and makes use of the new technologies available to create illusions. Two weeks is usually needed to create a piece.



These murals are fun and very unique and are generally seen in the foyer of the school. The materials are light fast and can last a long time. The translucence of the work creates a very nice ambiance in a room. Typically, a week is needed for this project.


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